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Virtual Studio Video

What is it?

LES MILLS® Virtual workouts are movie-like versions of the live LES MILLS®  classes that are a hit in 15,000 clubs worldwide.Virtual is the newest, hottest technology in fitness!

• Virtual will give you and our community the opportunity to experience the world’s BEST group fitness programs more often, and during non-peak times. The Fit Stop will be partnering with the “Cadillac” of technology providers, and have a platform that will even allow you to schedule your own “on demand” workouts during specified times of the day!

(This is perfect for those of you who are having trouble making scheduled live classes, and will allow you to select the workout you want, when you want during pre-defined “on demand times”… pretty cool, don’t you think?)

• First and foremost, we did not enter the virtual space to replace live classes – that is the farthest thing from our minds (nothing beats a live class… NOTHING!).
By now, everyone knows that The Fit Stop is committed to bringing you the best fitness programs available…and offering Virtual allows for much more!
With this technology, we’ll be able to offer virtual classes when live classes are not available, during off-peak times, and literally “on demand” during pre-defined times.

Our primary considerations for investing in Virtual:

• Leverage the latest technology to grow group fitness participation. Why do we want more participation?… Simple, it’s clear to us that our most successful, long term members are either Personal Training, or participating in these LES MILLS® programs!
• Offering Virtual, as an option for members, is an effort to expand the group fitness schedule, offer you more programs, and for the current “non-participants” to be involved in something that it is effective, engaging and delivers the results that you are looking for!
• Virtual will enable the current “non-participant” the opportunity to try a LES MILLS® workout in a non-intimidating environment. The Virtual content is filmed in such a way that everyone will benefit from taking a Virtual workout whether you are a first-time participant, or a seasoned-pro. A first-time participant will feel very comfortable and be able to complete the workout safely and effectively. A seasoned pro will be able to learn from the same National Trainers that your instructors learn from!

Below is a short video clip from LesMills CEO Philip Mills as he explains a little more about the “Why Virtual” to the instructors around the world:

Phil Mills Video

 If you’re after variety – LES MILLS® Virtual has got it! BODYFLOW®, BODYCOMBAT™, BODYPUMP™, and SH’BAM™ are the LES MILLS® programs that will be available in virtual format at The Fit Stop – Several releases of each program will be available for you!

This is the Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates workout that is designed for those looking to improve general fitness, relax and reduce stress, increase mental clarity and get a sense of well-being.
Virtual BODYFLOW® classes are available in both 30 minute and 55 minute format.
Find out more about BODYFLOW® here.

Combining karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai with driving music and powerful role model instructors this fiercely energetic workout is a unique way to boost cardio fitness and benefit from total body conditioning.
Virtual BODYCOMBAT™ classes are available in both 30 minute and 55 minute format.
Find out more about BODYCOMBAT™ here.

This is the original barbell class that strengthens and tones the entire body and appeals to anyone looking to get the best possible results in the shortest time.
Virtual BODYPUMP™ classes are available in both 30 minute and 55 minute format.
Find out more about BODYPUMP™ here.

Featuring chart topping popular hits and simple but seriously hot dance moves, SH’BAM™ is a fun, easy-to-follow full-body cardio workout that members will love to bring their friends to.
Virtual SH’BAM™ classes are 45 minutes.
Find out more about SH’BAM™ here.

Producing world class fitness content does not happen by accident. How does LesMills do it? :

Every year Les Mills invests over $200 million creating and distributing group exercise classes, consistently raising the bar using a process we’ve painstakingly developed over the last 30 years.
Whether it’s high intensity interval training, exercise for the deconditioned, dance, cycling, martial arts, cardio, resistance or flexibility – we cater for them all. Each of our programs has a specialist team that develops new class releases each quarter.

The process starts with music. The teams listen to thousands of songs every quarter to narrow it down to just the 10 or 15 that are used in the release.

While we’re creating the music, we’re also choreographing the classes, combining scientific insights with carefully developed formulas designed to optimize results and fun and ensure that the classes are safe. The teams and creative directors trial new choreography for weeks. Then it’s time for live class trials (often in classes of up to 200 people) and a chance to get the public’s reaction. A new class will be trialled and filmed up to 20 times before it goes to our Group Fitness Director and technical team to polish and sign it off.

Once a new class has been signed off, it gets sent out to our video presenters. These are the world’s best instructors who are hand-picked from the thousand instructor events that we hold around the globe each quarter. Presenters travel to New Zealand for a week of intense training from a variety of movement, vocal and theater coaches.

Then it comes to filming day. We film with a live audience, which gives our video content a great atmosphere. We use the same film crew that’s  used for international sporting events and music videos. Filming with multiple cameras we keep them rolling through the whole class, so capturing every aspect of the complete Les Mills experience is guaranteed.

And at the end of all this, we deliver the world’s best workouts. Now available to you, almost anytime, in Strykersville.

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