STRIVE has revolutionized the strength training market with their Smart Strength technology, allowing for a more effective workout in less time than other strength training machines. This equipment is able to out-perform traditional strength training apparatus because of STRIVE’s innovative cam, which allows users to shift resistance throughout a consistent plane of movement to obtain maximum muscle gains. Perform three sets on a STRIVE exercise machine and we guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

At The Fit Stop, we offer an 11-piece circuit intended to work all major muscle groups. The circuit takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete depending on your level of intensity. We set all of our members up with a unique program based on their specific needs and goals. During your first STRIVE workout, you will be accompanied by one of our knowledgeable staff members who will record all seating adjustments and act as a personal trainer for the day to ensure your safety and satisfaction. All of your adjustments are recorded on a personal workout chart that is kept on file and accessible at any time so you can follow proper form in future workouts and track your strength gains on a continuous basis. We will continually help you with your strength training needs and welcome questions regarding program modifications.

Below are pictures of the Strive Circuit in our club. Stop in and feel the difference!

Strive Circuit Training Equipment
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