05:00am PGH Tone & Sculpt Studio A Sara
06:00am PGH Tone & Sculpt Studio A Hank
09:00am Hatha Yoga Studio B Deb
09:00am PGH Tone & Sculpt Studio A Renee
10:15am Barbell Blast Studio A Renee
10:15am ZUMBA® Studio B Kerry
01:00pm Aging Optional
05:30pm PGH Tone & Sculpt Studio A Michelle
06:40pm Barbell Blast Studio A Alex
06:30pm Cycling Rosellen
06:00am Cycling Erin
09:00am PowerStep Studio A Michelle
10:00am Sit & Be Fit Studio B Virtual
01:00pm Aging Optional
06:30pm Cycling Alex
07:15pm ZUMBA® Studio A Alex
05:00am PGH Booty Buster Studio A Sara
06:00am PGH Booty Buster Studio A Hank
09:00am Hatha Yoga Studio B Deb
09:00am PGH Booty Buster Studio A Michelle
10:15am Cardio KickBoxing Studio A Renee
01:00pm Aging Optional
05:30pm PGH Booty Buster Studio A Sarah
05:30pm TRX® Studio B Deb
06:30pm Barbell Blast Studio A Alex
05:00am PGH Lean & Mean Studio A Sara
06:00am PGH Lean & Mean Studio A Hank
06:00am Cycling Erin
09:00am PGH Lean & Mean Studio A Renee
10:00am Sit & Be Fit Studio B Virtual
10:15am “CSC” Studio A Renee
01:00pm Aging Optional
04:30pm Pilates Studio B Carla
05:30pm PGH Lean & Mean Studio A Sarah
06:30pm Cycling Rosellen
06:00am Barbell Blast Studio A Renee
08:30am Power Step Studio A Deb
09:30am Barbell Blast Studio A Michelle
07:00am PGH The Makeover Studio A Michelle/Renee
08:00am Barbell Blast Studio A Alex/Sarah
08:45am Cycling Rosellen
09:00am “CSC” Studio A Sarah
07:45am Cycling Alex
07:45am Cardio KickBoxing Studio A Erin
09:00am Barbell Blast Studio A Alex
10:15am ZUMBA® Studio A Alex

RPM, TRX & HIGH XSmall Group Training programs!  First sessions are free, members can then get “paks” of these trainings that last forever, paks then used as you attend these trainings.

ALL OTHER PROGRAMS included with your “Unlimited Large Group” training option!

Register Now!

*Local residents, first time visitors, 18 years or older.

CYCLING is high intensity interval training on a bike, set to tunes that will get your pulse racing. Get results faster, Ride hard!

SIT & BE FIT is a 45 minutes class that focuses on strengthening and stretching all major muscle groups, while safely elevating your heart rate to promote cardiovascular health. These exercises have proven to increase your range of motion, increase bone density, and improve your coordination!

TRX® Suspension Training System is taking over the fitness scene and is featured at The Fit Stop. It is the ideal blend of functionality and performance, transforming your body into a machine capable of countless exercise variations sure to challenge individuals of all fitness levels. High caliber athletes, celebrities, and fitness professionals are raving about the TRX system, but don’t take their word for it – come down and experience the TRX Suspension Training System for yourself!

HATHA YOGA is a great means to clear one’s mind while strengthening the body, improving flexibility and focus. Achieve balance between body and mind, freeing your consciousness from the subtle nuances of everyday life that may be hindering your creativity and energy levels.

PILATES Carla Jennetti our Pilates instructor has practiced Pilates for 4 years. She received professional training by instructors with Sandy Manella’s Body Shaping. Carla’s 60 minute Pilates instruction concentrates on a mat routine which focuses on developing core strength, flexibility and balance.

ZUMBA® dance fitness program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away!

PGH Tone & Sculpt – Upper Body & Arms This session is perfect for achieving lean and toned muscles and increasing your overall upper body strength. By having more lean muscle you burn more fat while you are at rest therefore making the tone and sculpt shape even easier to achieve.

It also means that you are going to be able to say goodbye to those sagging arms for good & achieve your weight loss and strength goals quicker and maintain them long term. We have put together a great mix of upper body strength training designed to get your upper body in the best shape possible.

PGH Booty Buster – Legs & Butt This session is at the top of the list for anyone who likes to wear shorts! We developed this training to target the legs & booty specifically!

With specific exercises that focus on firing up your legs and butt to get that firm shape so many people crave, while making sure you’re never more comfortable wearing your shorts.

PGH Lean & Mean – Boxing Boxing is one of the best forms of cardio because it focuses on short bursts of intensity where your body has to adapt to what you are putting it through therefore it has to burn more energy (calories and fat) to cope. Not to mention it’s awesome fun and a fantastic stress reliever. You’re going to LOVE this!

PGH The Makeover – Whole Body Circuit This is what it sounds like, we take all the benefits from all our different types of trainings and put them all together in an action packed session of fun and motivation!

We are able to cater to anyone’s fitness level and ability as these trainings will have something for everyones strengths and weaknesses. If you want to pay your debt from Friday night or even better get some brownie points up your sleeve before the rest of the weekend, this is the perfect way to do it!!

We call it “The Makeover” as this session is the key ingredient when combined with your workouts during the week to give you the total body makeover you are after!