Light Therapy

This year, beat the winter or “no sun” blues with our revolutionary MERCOLA light therapy system – available exclusively at The Fit Stop.

A typical Western New York Winter is dark and gloomy. Jeez, it can be this way for most of the year even. Deep grays, and milky whites fill the sky most of the year – the sun seems to be a stranger to the Buffalo area, hiding amongst the mass of clouds that roll through on a seemingly, daily basis. Ok,

I tried. No matter how poetic we state the facts it boils down to the same conclusion. IT IS HARD TO GET THE HEALTHY BENEFITS ASSOCIATED WITH SUN EXPOSURE WHILE LIVING HERE! A lack of sunlight translates to a lack of Vitamin D exposure. This can decrease bone and heart health, weaken the immune system, and worsen moods! However, there is a solution!

The MERCOLA Light Therapy System!

The light therapy system is designed to provide:

The benefits of UV rays that help your body produce just the right amount of vitamin D, without burning.

Red light in the 633 nm range to reverse wrinkles and help give you more youthful skin.

Infrared light to provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and spasm — and improve blood circulation.

The newest technology in indoor light therapy systems, which is far more advanced than the often-outdated equipment in tanning parlors.

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*Local residents, first time visitors, 18 years or older.